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…because we can’t all grow a beard overnight, so get inspired by some of Hollywood’s (and beyond) finest beard sprouting guys.


We’re not all David Beckham or Ryan Gosling, but at fashion least our beard can be.  Browse the most sought-after beard styles for 2016 and learn how to sport a beard like these gentlemen:

1.  The Chris Pratt Jurassic Beard:

Chris Pratt Beard Style 2016 - Beards By Face Shape

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How to Grow It:  Just your regular natural beard growth.  Trim the neck and keep it slightly shorter than the facial hair.  Buzz up higher on the cheeks to make this more natural look look a bit more structured.


2.  Leonardo Dicaprio Oscar Winning Beard Style:


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How to Grow It:  Keep the hair on the sides/cheeks at less than a stubble level.  Thin out the chin and user a longer setting for the mustache area.  Plus, winning an Oscar kinda sorta helps.


3.  Ryan Reynolds Classic 5 O’Clock Shadow Beard:

Ryan Reynolds Beard Style 2016 By Face Shape

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How to Grow It:  Use your electric shaver on the setting right before “clean shaven” each morning.  By the time 5:00 rolls around you’ll be married to Blake Lively.


4.  Adam Levine Musician-Sex Beard:

Adam Levine Beard Facial Hair & Stubble Style 2016

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How to Grow It:  We assume booze, cigarettes and sex just make it grow this way.  We’ll never know.


 5.  Ryan Gosling:  The “Hey Girl” Beard:

Ryan Gosling Beard Style 2016 - Mustache & Goatee Trend

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How to Grow It:  Screw you, Gosling.




6.  Jon Hamm:  The Beard Mask:

2016 Jon Hamm Beard Style and How To

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How to Grow It:  Be man enough to be able to grow hair on every inch of your face.  Only shave under eyes and forehead.


7.  Bradley Cooper:  Levels of Stubble”

Bradley Cooper <strong>ruscha cohen's fashion</strong> Beard 2016 - Stubble on Bradley Cooper

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How to Grow It:  Grow your goatee first and continue to shave the sides of your face until the goatee comes in strong.  Then just grow out the rest.


8.  The David Beckham Hipster Beard:

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How to Grow It:  Just grow it.  And then keep growing it.  Have a neck?  Grow it on there too.  Basically keep growing it until someone yells at you.


9.  Joe Manganiello:  The Werewolf Beard:


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How to Grow It:  The higher up the cheeks the better.  Keep it slightly shorter on the sides than at your chin.  Use a comb and your electric trimmer to keep it to a point.


10.  Keanu Reeves:  The Patchwork Beard:

Keanu Reeves Beard Style 2016

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How to Grow It:  If you can’t connect all the beard dots just let it grow and keep it wispy and long.  You’ll look artsy without trying too hard.


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