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Classrooms Online Identity

We developed a contemporary corporate design to reflect the high level of the services being offered. Our design strategy was to build on the strengths of the brand and enable visibility in a consistent visual language. The visual impact was created through the use of circular shapes to suggest the idea of continuity and completeness. The resulting identity is playful but technical at the same time, allowing the brand to make its mark.

Onderhoud Zullen

Flyer and conference poster. Description will be posted shortly.

Strategi Consulting Identity

We've been approached by Strategi - a technology consulting firm to develop a whole new image, that could give them a competitive advantage.

Echo Boomers

Echo Boomers is a full service design and media production company, we were in charge with their corporate identity and stationery design. Check back soon for new photos and information on the project.

alpha 3.23

Alpha 3.23/Tactical gear for a few, commissioned us to create an identity that would represent the company dynamic force and power. The logo is build on the strong name by abstracting the bullet silhouette whilst encapsulating a strong right to left motion. There is a wonderful simplicity on the Alpha logo-mark that manages to deliver a dual character that is both relevant to the brand (the bullet) and dynamic in its execution.

Trager Identity

Trager's ( fasteners specialists) new visual identity, while simple, is identifiable, measured and consistent. A bright yellow, uncoated boards and a white foil finish provide a vibrancy and high quality in print, and type favours a practicality in its various weights. We had a good eye for letter and line spacing, with a pleasant continuity in the weighting of logotype and dividing lines. Underlines, dividing lines and containers for images, drawing on the shared weight, find a balance between functionality, flexibility and moments of distinction.

Jaroslav Geller Corporate Identity

Architecture firm branding, corporate identity design and stationery. Description will be posted shortly.


Frosch Power Tools needed to change more than just its logotype. It needed to change everything: its visual identity, its packaging, its merchandising and displays and a whole lot more. Logoorange offered the chance to address these issues as a single, all-embracing project. We developed a visual system using the core idea that we could transform the customer experience. The solution was to design display letters cut geometrically to represent the power and industrially nature of the Frosch Tools, so the brand identity to fit for purpose in a sharply way.

Renokraft Identity

Renokraft will be an Architecture and Interior Design Company for renovation works, garden works, landscaping, interior design as well as a supplier of customized products around the home: italian design furniture, handmade smith products etc.

Generacion Identity Design

We were commissioned to create a dynamic corporate identity that reflects the drive of creative spirit. Our approach was to design a visual system that will enable a broad appeal and resonate with the audience. By using clean typefaces and stylish black and white photography we managed to convey the ideas of clarity and universal communication. Also included was a poster to raise awareness about the festival and a schedule of events.

Autobahn Records Group

Electronic music label corporate identity design and promo packaging. Check back shortly for full project description and new photos.

Random 42 Medical Animation Corporate Identity

Random42 is the world's premier medical animation company. Over the past 20 years they have created over 200 mechanism-of-action (MoA) medical animations for the world's leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical companies and won over 90 industry awards.

Melany Lane

We were asked to work on naming and identity design for a new couture boutique in Moscow.

Area 38 corporate identity

Video production company corporate identity and stationery design. Full description will be posted shortly.

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