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1940s were a decade many countries around the world can not forget. With the second world war (WW2) and clothing rationing,  the war time pride of fashion on a budget became the norm. 1940s fashion for men and women experienced deep changes but also created some of the most flattering designs of the 20th century. Learn ‘40s fashion history for women and men.

Today 1940s fashion has revived in the form of sexy pinup dresses, flattering A-line tea dresses and swing dresses, high waisted pants and peep toe shoes for the ladies.  Pinstripe zoot suits, two tone shoes, vests, suspenders and fedora hats are back in fashion for men. The gangster or mobster costume is especially popular now.

Thanks to Marvel’s Agent Carter TV show, women and men and wanting to wear these classic fashions today. We searched the web and linked to the best 1940s style clothing online.

Read detailed articles about 1940s fashion history here. Need help with your outfit? Ask us anytime.

 1940s Clothing: Women

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1940s Dresses Dresses 1940s plus size fashion 40s Plus Size Dresses
1940s pin up dresses Pin Up Dresses 1940s prom dresses Evening Dresses
1940s wedding dresses, shoes, accessories 1940s Wedding 1940s skirts for sale Skirts
1940s pants womens Pants 1940s shorts Shorts
1940s blouses Tops & Blouses 1940s coats womens Coats & Jackets
1940s Swimsuits Swimsuits 1940s shoes, womens shoes heels pumps Shoes
1940s stockings nylons Stockings 1940s hair flowers, bandanas, scarves, Hair Access.
1940s hats women's Hats 1940s jewelry Jewelry
1940s makeup and beauty products Makeup 1940s sewing patterns, reproduction patterns Sewing Patterns
1940s costumes women Women’s Costumes 1940s girls and boys clothing Kids Clothing

1940s Men’s Clothing

1940s mens clothing Men’s Suits 1940s mens pants trosuers Men’s Pants
1940s mens dress shirts Men’s Shirts 1940s mens hats Men’s Hats
1940s mens shoes Men’s Shoes 1940s mens ties neckties Men’s Ties
1920s men's sewing patterns Sewing Patterns 1940s Mens Halloween costumes 1940s Mens Costumes

1940s Women’s Fashion History

An intro to 1940s fashion history

  • 1940s Womens Fashion– Start here and learn all about 1940s Fashion for Women.
  • 1940s Fabrics and Colors- Learn what colors and types of fabric were common in the 1940s
  • 1940s Dresses- 10 common styles worn in the 1940s
  • 1940s Day Dresses- Learn about the different styles of 1940s day dresses.
  • 1940s Shirtwaist Dresses– Learn and shop for this popular ’40s dress.
  • 1940s Suits- Women’s Victory Suits
  • 1940s Tops and Blouses –  All the styles of 1940s women’s tops and blouses
  • 1940s Sweaters & Cardigans– Staying warm with knits
  • 1940s Women’s Coats & Jackets 
  • 1940s Skirts- From simple A-line skirts to fun dirndl skirts
  • 1940s Formal Dresses- Learn about formal dresses, prom dress, and cocktail dresses
  • 1940s Women’s Pants – Learn and shop for 1940s and 1950s style pants & overalls for women.
  • 1940s Rompers and Shorts – Summer playsuits, shorts and pedal pushers
  • 1940s Swimsuits history – Learn all about fabulous swimwear in the 1940s
  • 1940s Shoes- Learn about and shop for 1940s style ladies shoes.
  • 1940s Stockings- Seamed stockings and socks history
  • 1940s Working Women’s Clothes– Rosies, shop girls and nurses
  • 1940s Zoot Girls – History of the urban Zoot Suit style
  • 1940s Teenage Girls clothing– Trends and styles worn by teens
  • 1940s Fashion Advice for Plus Sizes, Tall Women and Short/Petite Women. 
  • 1940s Lingerie History- A look at the types of bras, girdles, and slips
  • 1940s Sleepwear- Nightgowns, pajamas, robes, red jackets
  • 1940s Hairstyles for Women– Variety of classic hairstyles through the decade
  • 1940s Hairstyles for long hair– Tips on creating a 1940s hairstyle for long hair.
  • 1940s Hair Snoods– Make or buy a 1940s hair snood and keep your hair in place.
  • 1940s Hat Styles – Over 20 popular hat history with pictures. Hair Accessories too.
  • 1940s Jewelry Styles- Popular jewelry styles and trends
  • 1940s Sunglasses– Women’s sunglasses and eyeglasses
  • 1940s Handbags– Purses, day bags and evenings bags
  • 1940s Women’s Accessories–  Belts, gloves, head scarf
  • 1940s Wedding Dresses – History of the bride’s wedding gown
  • 1940s Makeup History and Tutorial – Plus buy 1940s makeup
  • Plus Size 1940s Fashions – History of full figure clothing in the 1940s. Fashion advice for plus sizes. 
  • Fashion advice for the petite woman and the tall woman. 
  • Where to shop for repro and vintage inspired 1940s clothing
  • 1940s Outfit Ideas– 16 looks you can create
  • 1940s Casual Outfit ideas– Casual, sporty looks for summer

1940s Men’s Fashion History

  • 1940s Men’s Fashion– A detailed overview of all areas of men’s fashion in the 1940s.
  • 1940s Men’s Suits- Learn about 1940’s men’s suits and clothing. Tips on creating your own look.
  • 1940s Men’s Casual Fashion- Sportcoats, shirts, sweater vests
  • Men’s Outfit Ideas from the 1940s and 1950s
  • 1940s Men’s Formalwear – Dressing in white tie, black tie, summer whites and semi- formal
  • 1940s men’s Workwear & Uniforms- What wore to labor jobs and military positions
  • 1930-1950s Western Wear for Women and Men – Men’s western style clothing from the 1930s to 1960s
  • 1940s Men’s Shoes– Learn about and shop for 1940s style shoes. See more about Saddle Shoes. 
  • 1940s Men’s Swimwear- Swim shorts of the 1940s
  • 1940s Pajamas – Women’s and mens sleepwear, robes and slippers
  • 1940s Teenage Boys Fashion– Boys and young men styles
  • 1940s Dance Shoes for Men – Shop men’s swing and ballroom dance shoes with 1940s style.
  • 1940s Hats– Learn about 1940s men’s hat styles.
  • 1940s Men’s underwear – Boxers, briefs, long johns, socks, undershirts
  • 1940s Men’s Accessories– Belt, suspenders, cufflinks, glasses, watches, cane, pocket square, gloves, scarves
  • 1940s Men’s hairstyles and facial hair – Common styles, trends, grooming products
  • 1940s Groom Clothing- A 1940s wedding attire for grooms
  • 1940s Men’s Costume Ideas- Classic 1940s look you can re-create
  • Where to shop for men’s vintage and repro clothing and specifically 1940s men’s repro clothing


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