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How to Make a Card Flower

Two Methods:

A card flower is a simple, fun decoration that you can make out of an old deck of cards. Less of a trick and more of a craft, card flowers will permanently bend your deck, so don't try this with any cards you want to use later to play or perform tricks with. You'll also learn how to perform a "Faro Shuffle."


Creating a Card Flower

  1. Grab an older deck of cards that you don't want to use anymore.Take an old deck of cards, one you don't plan on using anymore. This will permanently bend the cards back, making them unusable later on.
  2. Cut the deck perfectly in half.You don't have to count out 26 cards by hand. Simply cut the deck, then place the halves next to each other on a table. Press down on them to remove any air pockets. If they're the same height, then they contain the same amount of cards.
  3. Take half of the deck and fold it in half lengthwise, so the back side of cards in on the outside.Really bend the deck into a C-shape, touching the top to the bottom of the card and holding it there for at least 15-20 seconds. You want strong, permanent, and visible kinks in the middle of the deck.
    • When done, you should have a shallow V-shape, so that the center of the bent deck points upwards in the middle.
  4. Turn the second half of the deck upside down and fold it in half, so the front of the cards is on the outside.Just do the same thing, bending the deck hard in half, so that you have another heavily bent deck, just reversed.
  5. Faro Shuffle the deck so that every other card is bent in half.If you do not know how to Faro Shuffle, The basics, however, are easy to master. That said, take the time to learn the full technique to for a better card flower. If you're really struggling with this, just manually re-organize the cards so that they alternate bending back and forth.
    • Turn the decks both face down. They will be bent in different directions.
    • Press the short ends of the deck together.
    • Slide the decks back and forth against each other so the cards work into each other.
    • Press together once the cards are staggered one after the other.
  6. Square up the deck so that it resembles a normal, shuffled deck.It will be a little larger than normal as the bends will probably cause the deck to "rise." The point , however, is that the deck is all squared.
    • Work lightly when squaring the cards. Forcing or muscling the cards could ruin your bends.
  7. Hold the deck from the bottom up your palm to create your card flower.Simply hold the deck from one of the short sides, and use your hands to let the deck "bloom" to either side. The bends in the cards will make long, 2-card petals as the bends push the cards away from each other.

Performing a Faro Shuffle

  1. Cut the deck perfectly in half.You don't need to count out the cards. Simply put the halves of the deck next to each other on the table and ensure they are the same height.
    • There should be 26 cards in each deck (27 if you left the two jokers in).
  2. Square up the ends of the decks.Get the deck as firm as you can by turning them perpendicular and pressing them together so that you have both half of the decks with straight, solid ends. You'll be pressing the short sides of the decks together.
  3. Line up the decks and press the corners together lightly.You'll line up the bottom left corner of one deck with the upper right corner of the other. Press these corners together lightly. You should see the cards starting to "weave."
  4. Push lightly up (towards the backside of the deck) to start interlacing the two decks.This part takes some practice, but you'll get it perfectly with some time to find the motion. You want the cards to start weaving together so that the cards alternate.
    • Don't worry about a perfect Faro Shuffle just yet, where the cards are perfectly alternating. For now, work on the motion. You'll clean it up later.
  5. Rock the cards back and forth while pushing down to complete the shuffle.The back and forth motion, while light, will help you work the cards in between each other. With some practice you can also use it to "clean up" your shuffle, mixing up any chunks of unshuffled cards.

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