Fashion king shin se kyung surgery

Shin Se Kyung’s agency, Namoo Actors, responded to the growing rumors of plastic surgery. As previously reported, the actress became one of the hottest trending topic of the day with her recent “changed” appearance on KBS’s “Entertainment Relay.”

A representative firmly stated, “She did not get plastic surgery,” to local media “Newsen.” He explained, “She underwent procedures to remove scars on her face. There are scars on both of her cheeks. She underwent surgical scar removal procedures during her time off.”

The representative continued, “The scars on both her cheeks showed up on HD TV. It was a very complicated procedure to get rid of the scars, much more complicated than getting a laser procedure. They had to cut through her skin. Her face swelled, which is why it appeared very full.” He added, “The scars were very deep. No matter what she did, they would always appear on screen. Even when she auditioned as a kid, she was turned down because of her scar. It wasn’t something that could have been easily removed through a laser procedure. She’s been pushing it off and off, and just recently, got it done.”

He concluded, “It hasn’t been long since she got the procedure. Had she gotten plastic surgery during her break, we wouldn’t have shot a CF or agreed to the interview with ‘Entertainment Relay.’” 

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