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What Are Some Grants for Recovering Addicts?

Grants available to recovering addicts include the Flo Warnstandt and the Carrying the Message awards offered by Jackson Recovery Centers, the Sarah Shay and Michael Donta Memorial Scholarship for Hope and Healing awards given annually and various grants and scholarships awarded by colleges and universities throughout the country. Most grants available to recovering addicts encourage them to pursue continuing education opportunities. Recovery centers, memorial foundations and academic institutions often offer these awards.

Jackson Recovery Centers in Iowa offers several grants and awards to recovering addicts. These include the Flo Warnstandt Award for women who help others transition into 12-step programs and the Carrying the Message Award for recovering addicts who spread a positive message about recovery, help others maintain their sobriety and help de-stigmatize addiction. Other awards offered by recovery organizations include,000 scholarships offered by Hope For Addiction Recovery Centers to help addicts pursue education.

Foundations and scholarships established in honor of those who battled addiction or devoted considerable portions of their lives to helping others overcome addiction also offer grants to recovering addicts. Examples include the Sarah Shay and Michael Donta Memorial Scholarship for Hope and Healing awards, given annually to students affected by addiction to prescription drugs.

Many academic institutions also offer grants to recovering addicts. Texas Tech University offers 30 grants each year to addicts in any fashion designers with foundations recovery type of recovery program, Tulsa Community College offers Tackle scholarships to recovering addicts and who maintain active involvement in Tackle, the campus recovery program.

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